Jaguars Football
 Rug Football ) Rug Toopa )                                                                                       
 In the year of 1374,a sport field which is called Rug Football was invented and designed by an Iranian young man ,Mr.Ehsan Moeini,for the first time in the world. At the beginning, this field was just at the level of an idea and  a  project which was then finished gradually; In 1384  the first registration  of  this  sports  field  was  done  and  its  other  national  and  international registrations of its different branches were carried out by its founder M r .  Ehsan Moeini.
It  is  divided  into  three  major branches which  are  named  Tigers Foot ball, Jaguar Football and Lion Football. Moreover, they differ from each other in  terms  of  the  number of  players, the size of  the game field, the equipments and the game  rules.
Besides,  these  three  divisions  are categorized  into  some  other  parts ; This field, totally ,consists  of seven various categories, It is noted that the only division of this field that cannot   be  performed on the carpet  is  the Lion Football  type in which the  players play using their feet and a  ball . Being created by Mr. Ehsan Moeini’s mind and innovation, this  sporting   field  is not  existing in   any  parts  of  the  globe  having no  stimulations. Hopefully, it will accomplish its position in Iran  and the  world  soon  as  Iran’s national sport causing any Iranian individual universally to take it a pride.