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 Rug Football  (Rug Toopa)

In the year of 1374,a sport field which is called Rug Football was invented and designed by an Iranian young man ,Mr.Ehsan Moeini,for the first time in the world. At the beginning, this field was just at the level of an idea and  a  project which was then finished gradually; In 1384  the first registration  of  this  sports  field  was  done  and  its  other  national  and  international registrations of its different branches were carried out by its founder M r .  Ehsan Moeini.

It  is  divided  into  three  major branches which  are  named  Tigers Foot ball, Jaguar Football and Lion Football. Moreover, they differ from each other in  terms  of  the  number of  players, the size of  the game field, the equipments and the game  rules.

Besides,  these  three  divisions  are categorized  into  some  other  parts ; This field, totally ,consists  of seven various categories, It is noted that the only division of this field that cannot   be  performed on the carpet  is  the Lion Football  type in which the  players play using their feet and a  ball . Being created by Mr. Ehsan Moeini’s mind and innovation, this  sporting   field  is not  existing in   any  parts  of  the  globe  having no  stimulations. Hopefully, it will accomplish its position in Iran  and the  world  soon  as  Iran’s national sport causing any Iranian individual universally to take it     a pride.


As it is noticed in the following chart, each of the branches is divided into the other groups:



Since this sport has been studied and considered for fourteen years and is endowed with some rules and regulations,it can be regarded as one of the most useful physical and mental sports.Undoubtedly,this field is one of the most enticing,joyous and healthiest family sports of the current century.

Considering that some of this game rules are derived from the sport of football and that football is most fanatically-loved sport in the world, it is hoped that this field achieves its national and global position in the world very anon.It is notable that this athletic area is also accredited by the medical and sport department of the olympic institution of the islamic republic of Iran.

Considering the excessive tendency of the various age groups like children, youth and teenagers to the violate computer games that engenders the mental disorder,the physical inactiveness and disease as a result of that,this sporting field is an alternative with a very low expenditure in all areas so that they are accessible for all of the society ranks and even  brought to the house and its endless advantages,explained in the following, can be taken.

1. Mental activity
2.Physical activity
3. Inovation
4. Physical fitness
5. Enhancing the management ability
6. Augmenting the speed in taking actions and decisions
7. Encouraging a tendency in the family members in order for the physical and mental enhancement of all the family members through an Iranian sport
8. Fighting against the computer destructive games and creating a friendly gathering in the family
9. Increasing the concentration focus
10. Soaring the self-reliance
11. Tranquility and doing away with the internal false excitement
12. The possibility of performing this joyous and playful sport with the smallest amount of space and expenditure
13. The possibility of the performance for all the society ranks (From a four-year-old child to grandparents, the handicapped and the alturists, men and women, the deaf and ……)
14. The prevention and remediation of depression
15. Exercising the martial arts techniques in the different branches of this sport for the body building and performing the various techniques in this sport

16.The possibility of doing this sport in a family form and even attending in the formal games in family as a managerial sport in houses and even in workplaces or schools,mosques,universities and any place on which at least a carpet with the sizes of 2*3m. Or 3*4m can be lain

Weight decrease by this family sport with the friendly gathering of the family in a short and entertaining period of time

Definition of the field name: This sports field whose Iranian name (Rag) is the abbreviation of the Iranian sport“Iran Gabeh“ and r is sport field (reshteh varzeshi) and u is Iran and G is Gabeh, the traditional Iranian carpet, is RUG in its Latin form that means Moket or Kafpoosh.

Definition of this sports field branches: The names of these divisions, that are respectively Tiger Football, Jaguar Football  and  Lions Football , are  selected   based on  the  geographical formation of Iran country that is sometimes like the feline animals and the ways  of  people  movement  that  is  like  these  animals  some times  when playing and is endowed with its unique attractions;Also the names that are put under these branches are deviate from each other based on the players number, the dimension of  the field game  ,the  game  equipments  and  the game rules.