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**Lions Football or three people against three people  Lions Football is three people against three people including three major divisions (Action, Robotic and Main game).  A- The robotic division: The function of this game is to score goal to the opponent team   with the plastic toy-men in a manner of three people against three people; each team is directed by three people with eleven plastic toy-men and a robotic goal keeper and has seven fixed and four reserved toy-men. Moreover, the first person has a robotic and moveable goal tender and two plastic toy-men and the second person carries two plastic toy-men that can move freely in the field playing the role of the defenders; besides, the third player is just an attacker who can only move inside the opponent’s half field 

The game time: The time of the game is fourteen minutes which is divided into two twenty–minute halves with a ten-minute rest time the field size: It is 9*4 in this field